What to Look for in a New Hometown

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When you’re looking for a new house in South Florida, it’s important to know about the area you’ll be relocating to. Your new hometown should have a comfortable atmosphere, as well as a variety of experiences that reflect your interests and lifestyle. Check out our three essential tips to ensure your new hometown is perfect for you.

Transportation and Pedestrian Villages

Whether you choose to own a car or not, it’s important to take into consideration the transportation system in any town. For public transportation, you should make sure it is easily accessible and within a reasonable distance from your new home. Many of South Florida’s neighborhoods are considered Pedestrian Villages, which are close-knit communities designed to be entirely walkable. These will give you the freedom to walk around, shop, and dine, while reducing the amount of transportation by car, bus, or train.

Long-Term Cost of Living

One of the bright sides of living in Florida is the lower cost of living compared to other states. Since there is no income tax and lower property taxes, relocating to Florida can be more cost-efficient than you’d expect! Compare the prices of food, gas, and any other essentials to what you are paying now and find out how much you could be saving by moving to South Florida.

Local Atmosphere and Experiences

Your new home goes beyond the building itself; it extends to the local stores, parks, beaches, and atmosphere. So, when you settle on a new hometown, you’ll want to make sure it has a variety of experiences to keep you entertained. Do you love shopping? You might want to live near a Pedestrian Village filled with shops and boutiques, like Delray Beach. Are you a foodie? Miami could be your neighborhood, as it has a downtown filled with a wide variety of food choices, whether that be ethnic foods, desserts, or fine dining. You might also consider the availability of beaches, night-life, and local events in West Palm Beach. Don’t just settle for a nice home, treat yourself to a neighborhood perfectly suited for you.
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