What Makes the Dream Team?

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Whether you are buying or selling a home, you know that the most important piece of the process is in finding the right real estate agent. You want an agent that can demystify the complicated, look out for your best interest, and ultimately find your dream home. Now that Millennials are buying more homes, a new type of agent has come alongside them and connected with them – the Dream Team. Since people have been buying and selling property for ages, what makes this type of agent different than the rest?

Strong Work Ethic

The Dream Team’s work ethic is a foundational principle of who they are. They strive to master a craft or become a thought leader in their profession. In real estate, they may learn from an experienced mentor or seek out professional development opportunities. Typically, the Dream Team has been brought up with a strong emphasis on education, so they consider themselves life-long learners. Their strong work ethic drives them to reach new professional milestones and prove themselves to their brokers.

Exceptional Communication Skills

Since many Dream Team agents have grown up with the internet, they instinctually understand how to connect with a wide variety of buyers and sellers. They have mastered social media, but with an understanding that there is more to the real estate industry than a post or comment. They also have a respect for the interpersonal communication that has kept their industry afloat. They operate under the mindset that no two people are the same, so they need to communicate with buyers and sellers to gain their trust.

See the Value in Real Estate

Millennials are known for choosing professions that they see value in and allow them to make a difference in a community. Dream Team agents understand that they may have a limited amount of time with their buyers or sellers, but their impact is much larger than themselves. They see the bigger picture, which is helping someone start their life in their dream home. This motivates Dream Team agents to work harder, communicate with their buyer or seller, and overdeliver.
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