Why Our Home is South Florida

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Florida is quickly becoming one of the most desirable places to live in the United States. ABC Action News reports that 900 people move to Florida every day.
We at Posh Properties are proud to call South Florida our home. Not only is this location extremely beautiful, with its pristine beaches and sunshine, but there is a fabulous lifestyle that comes with living here. These are just some of the reasons why we’re located in South Florida – and don’t plan on leaving!

Sunny Weather

It’s true – warm weather is a common reason why people choose to move south. The average temperature in Florida rests in the mid to high 70’s, which is the perfect balance between hot and cold. Plus, there’s a reason they call Florida the Sunshine State – it seems like the sun is out every day, which keeps everything feeling bright and warm.

Tax Benefits

Florida has gained recent popularity due to its extensive tax benefits. There is no state income tax, meaning as a Florida resident, your income will not be taxed – so, there’s more money in your pocket. Florida offers several asset protection benefits, which includes protection for: IRAs and annuities, cash value of life insurance, and assets held in a business. You also get a break on your property taxes if you declare your Florida home as a primary residence, so it pays to live in South Florida!

Up & Coming Communities

The statistics show that more and more people are moving to Florida every day. We’ve seen it in our very own South Florida location, as our communities have grown substantially over the years. Areas like Delray Beach are considered a pedestrian village, where it’s easy for residents to walk or bike around its downtown. The added benefit of a pedestrian village is knowing that you can rely on more than just your vehicle to take you all around the important parts of the city. The bustling downtowns have incredible restaurants, each serving an array of delicious food. South Florida is made of residents who involve themselves with the betterment of their communities.
These three reasons are just a small part of why we chose South Florida. This is a beautiful, exciting place to live, and we are proud to call it home. If you’re interested in learning more about South Florida and all it has to offer, contact us or check out our listings to discover your future home today.

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