Why You Should Live in Ocean Ridge

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The small town of Ocean Ridge, Florida is home to 1,675 year-round residents and about 1,000 seasonal residents. It’s best known for its low profile, contrary to many busy South Florida towns. We at Posh Properties love this quaint town, as it is home to one of our three offices in South Florida.

Beautiful Environment

As a section of Palm Beach County, Ocean Ridge has beautiful weather and environment to match the rest of South Florida. Since this area is bordered by water, it makes the perfect beach house location for seasonal residents. For those who want to make the move to Florida to be closer to the water and enjoy a more relaxed way of life, consider purchasing a home in Ocean Ridge.

Close-Knit Community

With the town only spanning 3 miles and a small population, it is no surprise that Ocean Ridge residents are passionate about their town. It is important to them to maintain the low-maintenance, relaxing lifestyle that they have grown accustomed to. Those who love the outdoors will fit in perfectly with the community of Ocean Ridge, as the town is next to the water.

Close – But Not Too Close – To Activities

With an A+ Livability score in amenities, Ocean Ridge is a great choice for those who want to live close to activities but want the space to get away from the hustle and bustle of a city. Ocean Ridge boasts several parks in its 3-mile radius and a short drive to a variety of restaurants and activities in Boynton Beach.
If you’re interested in making the move to South Florida, but want to avoid the busyness of a city, your dream home could be in Ocean Ridge. Whether you’re interested in learning about Ocean Ridge or are determined to settle down by the beach, our experienced real estate agents can help find the right home for you. Check out our Ocean Ridge listings to see what is available, or visit our office in Ocean Ridge to learn more about the area.

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