Why You Should Live in a Pedestrian Village

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It’s no secret that we at Posh Properties love pedestrian villages! Many areas in South Florida feature these up-and-coming communities that have a central downtown that is walkable and easy to navigate.

Less Traffic

With the simple fact that residents can easily access the downtown by foot, there is automatically less traffic on the roads. Many residents of pedestrian villages still choose to own a car, but there may be less cars per household than in a typical city. Additionally, when many residents are working in the easily walkable downtown area, the intensity of rush hour traffic dramatically decreases.

City Benefits Without the Struggles

In the past, people were flocking to cities because it was easier for them to get around and have access to all the places they needed. However, the rise of the pedestrian village has given those same people the benefits they are seeking, but without the noise and crime that a large city has. Along with a better walkability rating, pedestrian villages are known for their reliable and safe public transportation systems. In South Florida, we have the Tri-Rail system that connects Palm Beach, Miami-Dade, and Broward Counties.

Strong Community

Residents of a pedestrian village are often close-knit and friendly. Their sense of community is strengthened as they live, work, and play together in the same area. This is partly due to their shared accessible downtown area, where residents come together for entertainment, dining, and shopping. And how could you not form great relationships when your neighbor could be the owner of a restaurant, hair salon, or store?
South Florida has many pedestrian villages that offer these wonderful benefits. Are you excited to look for your next home in a pedestrian village? Contact us to find a dream home for a dream price. Our team of agents – including the Dream Team – are experienced, licensed, and ready to help every buyer looking to make South Florida their next home.

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