Showing a House During COVID-19

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95% of buyers conduct research online when looking for a home. Whether you choose to show your house to potential buyers while utilizing modern technology or by hosting an open house, COVID-19 has altered the process of selling a house.

Virtual Tours

Providing virtual tours for potential buyers is a great alternative to hosting an open house. Virtual tours allow buyers to see the house and ask any questions they might have. Make sure that you use high-quality technology with a good connection to ensure that the viewer can see clearly and that the tour runs smoothly. Take your time throughout the tour and include a lot of detailed information, just as you would if the buyer were there.

Virtual Staging

Staged homes spend 86% less time on the market compared to homes that are shown empty. Hiring a company to stage your house can be costly and, during a pandemic, dangerous. Virtual staging allows you to add graphics of furniture to photographs of an empty room, helping potential buyers to get a better feel for the space and envision themselves living there.

Safety Tips

If you plan on hosting an open house during the pandemic, adhering to the following safety precautions will ensure everyone’s safety:
  • Have potential buyers make appointments to limit how many people are in the house at a time.
  • Arrive early to open all doors and cabinets, eliminating the need for people to touch things.
  • Designate a specific path through the house to avoid crowding in any specific area and to help guests maintain the social distancing recommendation of 6 feet.
  • Require that all attendees wear masks. It is also a good idea to provide gloves, hand sanitizer, and booties to eliminate any additional spreading of germs.
  • Record all information electronically. Do not share phones, tablets, or pens. Do not hand out any papers.
  • Do not allow people to linger. If a potential buyer wishes to have a conversation, do so outdoors or in a well-ventilated area.
  • Wipe all high-traffic areas down once the open house is completed.
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