Holiday Open House Decorating Tips

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There is a common assumption that the real estate market slows down around the holidays, due to the colder weather and budgets strained by gift-giving. However, this doesn’t have to be the case – especially with how Florida’s real estate market has exploded over the past few months!
This is the perfect time to capitalize on buyers looking to move before the new year. Get your potential buyers in the right spirit with these holiday open house decorating tips!

Twinkling Lights

Set up some glowing Christmas string lights around the home to lift your guests’ spirits. This is the perfect opportunity to accentuate aspects of the home; if there is a grand staircase, evenly wrap a set of lights around the banister to draw their eyes upwards. If the home has high ceilings, twist lights around any columns to dramatize the size of the house.

Holiday Ambiance

Creating a cozy vibe will help potential buyers feel at home, so put on some holiday music, set up holiday scented candles, and keep the house warm if it’s a chilly day. Remember, you want people to envision themselves living in the space so try to avoid using any holiday-specific décor. Instead, use winter-themed décor such as a bowl of pinecones on the table or lanterns with candles inside.

COVID-Conscious Decorating

It can be tricky to host an open house amid COVID-19 restrictions. Give your open house safety precautions a holiday spin by offering themed PPE for guests as they arrive. Holiday-themed masks, gloves, or booties, as well as green hand sanitizer, give a little cheer even during these challenging times. If you are marking a designated path through the house, consider marking it with paper snowflakes or Christmas lights!
There are so many great possibilities when it comes to decorating your home for an open house during the holiday season. Help potential buyers feel right at home using these helpful tips! If you are looking to buy or sell your home this holiday season, Contact us at (561) 537-0050.

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