Benefits of a Pedestrian Village

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One of the benefits of living in South Florida is the opportunity to live in a pedestrian village. These types of communities have a central downtown that is easily walkable, along with bike lanes throughout the town. If you’re looking for houses for sale in South Florida, consider choosing one in a pedestrian village!

Get More Exercise

With the ability to walk to get a cup of coffee, a haircut, or a nice meal, you’ll inevitably get more exercise! Between bike lanes allowing safer rides for bicyclists and the increased use of sidewalks throughout the downtown area, your options for working out just became much more fun and interesting!

Sense of Community

A pedestrian village operates by having a downtown where its residents can shop, dine, and more. As the central hub includes local stores, cafes, gyms, and entertainment, you’ll get to know the people of the town. People who live in the town often own or manage businesses in the downtown, so your barista could be your neighbor and your hair stylist could be in your fitness class! The community within a pedestrian village is oftentimes close-knit, which will increase quality of life.

Drive Less & Help The Environment

In the US, 20% of greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation and more than half of the air pollution comes from vehicles. Since there are more opportunities to walk to do your normal errands and activities, there is less of a need to drive. Although many residents choose to own a car, the decrease in driving is beneficial to the environment. It also benefits the lives of its residents by decreasing the risk of air pollution, which is dangerous for those with respiratory issues.
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