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Anthony Addeo

Sales Associate

Marcia Goodman
Guy Susi
Anthony Zupicich
What Our Clients Say
I chose to work with Anthony Addeo after witnessing his outstanding work in helping my son with his various real estate transactions. I have bought and sold many homes in the past 20 years and I must say that Anthony has been the most knowledgeable, professional, attentive and patient realtor that I have ever worked with. He was always readily available when I requested something (and that was often). ...

— Marcia Goodman | Seller and Buyer

What Our Clients Say
Anthony is one of the best professionals I've worked with. His attention to detail is unmatched, he has a strong ability to foresee what is coming and has a plan already in place. Anthony guided us through the entire process, reviewing each and every little detail, making it a stress-free experience, he never pressured us always reminding us it was our final say. Not only that he made sure we were able t...

— Guy Susi | Seller

What Our Clients Say
I have had many business dealings with real estate professionals over the course of time. As a person who expects the best from people, and the services they render, I can honestly say that Anthony is the best real estate professional I have ever worked with. He has complete knowledge of the entire scope of the process. This entails everything from locating the property to the closing. He is diligent...

— Anthony Zupicich | Buyer

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